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Shane Gilchrist was raised in the Southern Appalachian mountains where he grew up fishing, hunting, and working in stone quarries and on masonry jobs from an early age with his father and brother. Over the years he broadened his work to develop a company, that included the high end residential work in Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina, and commercial as well as residential in Charleston, South Carolina’s luxury homes and businesses. Although Shane’s work in construction is demanding and busy, he returns to the mountains a few times each year, and he continues to enjoy hunting and fishing with his family in the woods and on the rivers of South Carolina’s beautiful low country.

Founding and First opening our doors 54 years ago. Our Father, Robert Gilchrist started us in the masonry business. We have built our name and reputation by making our clients satisfied and happy. Shane Gilchrist, Owner/President of Gilchrist Masonry, Inc. has made our Masonry Business what it is today. He has broadened and expanded our masonry work through out the states and globally and all the while still continuing our fathers promises of the customer first, customer satisfaction, everlasting quality and beauty in what we do and the guarantee of our masonry work. Gilchrist Masonry, Inc. supports excellent morals, fairness and values. We enjoy and take pride in all of our masonry work whether it be the smallest of jobs or the largest; from the simplest to the most difficult, we accept the challenge and with all challenges, We are determined to conquer and win, this meaning our customer will always be happy and satisfied.

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